11th International Symposium on Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors

Polo Fibonacci

Pisa, Italy - February 3-5, 2025

The University of Pisa and the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale

are happy to announce that the first ISSCWR Symposium in the post-COVID-19 era will be held in the beautiful town of Pisa

The International Symposium on SCWRs is providing a forum for researchers, engineers, as well as industrial professionals to present their research results and development activities in SCWR areas covering core, fuel and reactor design, materials, coolant chemistry, corrosion, thermal-hydraulics, safety analysis, balance of the plant systems and other corresponding technologies.

The dates of the Symposium have been changed to favour the participation of the Chinese scientific community, involved in their yearly holidays in the previous week


Abstract Submission - April 30, 2024

Communication of Abstract Acceptance - May 31, 2024

Early Bird Registration - July 31, 2024

Draft paper contribution - July 31, 2024

Communication of Draft Paper Acceptance - September 30, 2024

Final Author Registration Deadline - October 15, 2024

First Program Delivery - October 20, 2024

Final paper Submission - October 31, 2024


  • EU ECC-SMART Project Final Meeting - February 6, 2025
    (only for project participants)
  • GIF SCWR Meetings - February 7, 2025
    (only for working group participants)


Reactor Physics

Core Design, Fuel and Fuel Assembly

Materials, Components and Manufacturing

Water Chemistry and Corrosion


Balance of Plant and Economics

Safety Analysis and Passive Safety System

Small Modular Reactors


Numerical Methods

Cross Cutting Issues with other GEN-IV Reactor Concepts

Other corresponding industrial applications


Walter Ambrosini – University of Pisa, Italy

Leon Cizelj – JSI, Slovenia

Yanping Huang – Nuclear Power Institute of China, China

Tatjana Jevremovic – IAEA

Michaela Krydova – CVR, Czech Republic

Armando Nava-Dominguez – CNL, Canada

Radek Novotný – JRC

Ivan Otic – KIT, Germany

Gabriel Pavel – ENEN, Italy

Elena Poplavskaia – OECD-NEA

Alberto Saez-Maderuelo – CIEMAT

Thomas Schulenberg – KIT, Germany

Monika Šípová – CVR, Czech Republic

Jörg Starflinger – USTUTT, Germany

Lori Walters – CNL, Canada

Pan Wu – Xi’An Jiaotong University, China

Xuebin Zhao – NPIC, China

Lefu Zhang – SJTU, China


Walter Ambrosini – Università di Pisa, Italy

Mark Anderson – University of Madison Wisconsin

Chuck Azih – CNL, Canada

Boglárka Babcsány – BME, Hungary

Lin Chen – CAS, China

Xu Cheng – KIT, Germany

Leon Cizelj J – JSI, Slovenia

Szabolcs Czifrus – BME, Hungary

Václav Dostál – CTU, Czech Republic

Matthew Edwards – CNL, Canada

Manuela Fulger – RATEN. Romania

Valerio Giusti – Università di Pisa, Italy

Petr Haušild – CTU, Czech Republic

Shuisheng He – Uni Sheffield, UK

Luis E. Herranz – CIEMAT, Spain

Pei-xue Jiang – Tsinghua University, China

Kittima Khumsa-Ang – CNL, canada

Atilla Kiss – BME. Hungary

Michal Košťál – CVR, Czech Republic

Xiaojing Liu – SJTU, China

Daniela  Marušákavá – CVR, Czech Republic

Guido Mazzini – CVR, Czech Republic

Tiago Moreira – University of Madison Wisconsin, USA

Armando Nava-Dominguez – CNL, Canada

Thambiayah Nitheanandan – CNSC, Canada

Radek Novotný – JRC

Igor Pioro – UOIT, Canada

Andrea Pucciarelli – Università di Pisa, Italy

Andrej Prošek – JSI, Slovenia

Martin Rohde – TUDelft, The Netherlands

Alberto Sáez Maderuelo – CIEMAT, Spain

Afaque Shams – KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Monika Šípová – CVR, Czech Republic

Tamàs Varju – BME, Hungary

Akifumi Yamaji – Waseda University, Japan

Metin Yaras – Carleton University, Canada

Lefu Zhang – SJTU, China

Jinguang Zhang – NPIC, China

Zhangjiang Zhou – USTB, China


Andrea Pucciarelli – Università di Pisa (President) – andrea.pucciarelli@unipi.it

Walter Ambrosini – Università di Pisa – walter.ambrosini@unipi.it

Michela Angelucci – Università di Pisa

Alessandro De Angelis – Università di Pisa

Francesco Galleni – Università di Pisa

Valerio Giusti – Università di Pisa

Sara Kassem – Università di Pisa

Alessio Pesetti – Università di Pisa

Polo Fibonacci2

Polo Fibonacci

Aula Magna Pontecorvo

Edificio E

Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 - 56127 Pisa

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